“We are all students, from our first breath to our last. Imagine- the darkness which must surround those who have closed their minds!” Thoromind, Retired Archmage

The World of Arelith is a vast and ever changing landscape. The player's handbook is designed as a reference for new and veteran players alike to bring out the most enjoyable experience here.

Location & Setting

“A man walks down the street, it's a street in a strange world. Maybe it's the third world- maybe it's just his first time around” - Paul Simon

Arelith is set in the world of Faerun, one of the classic Dungeons and Dragon's settings and is under the domain of the Faeunian Pantheons.

Cartographer's and Scholars have yet to agree on it's precise location, though most concur that it is located in the Southwestern region of the Trackless Sea. The waters run deep and wild, and only those who've felt the kiss of Umberlee dare to sail the perilous course. Still, a few skilled Captains have learned the currents and make regular journey's to and from Arelith's two main ports- Cordor and Wharftown.

The influence of the Amnish embassy and the protection of their fleets has encouraged more frequent travel from the mainlands, bringing supplies, trade and new blood.

Arelith is a sizable island, surrounded by four smaller islands, though all but one, the fabled Red Dragon Isle, remain yet unexplored.

Cities & Towns


Arelith's largest city and main port, Cordor has a rich and varied history. Cordorian diversity is both its greatest strength and the source of the most turmoil. Most newcomers to the isle dock in Cordor, and it is on its streets that first friendships and sometimes vicious rivalries are formed. Cordor is led by its Patrician, His Lordship Vetinari and his advisory council.

Light Keep

A holy citadel dedicated to the Triad and upholding its ways. Light Keep is a shining city deep within the Arelith Wood. The faithful often make long pilgrimages to study at the feet of the clerics there, or to pledge themselves as squires to the Keep's divine paladins.

Bendir Dale

Nestled in the valley between Cordor and Arelith Forest, Bendir Dale is home to the halfling folk. A trade hub, Fort Bendir is renowned for their well stocked and diverse trading post. The proceeds from thriving trade fund both their militia and small villiage.


The grand Elven city provides a majestic sight when viewed from Arelith forest. Protected by the sacred mithril, the Elven city is a sanctuary for the fair folk and their kin.


The Golden halls of Brog echo with the sounds of smithing hammers and voices raised in song and tale. The resourceful dwarves make their home there, a welcome place for kin, but dangerous halls for trespassers.

Banks, Houses & Shops


There are banks located in the major cities. You may open an account at any time and deposit or withdraw gold for no fee. To use the bank, simply speak to the banker, and a dialog will lead you through the available actions. Using the bank will safeguard your funds from pickpockets and loss in case of death.

Bank Loans

The bank will issue a one-time loan in the amount of 1000 gold to help you get started on Arelith. Spend the funds wisely, as you must repay the loan in full before you may maintain a positive balance.

Player & Guild Housing

To purchase a quarter, click on the Quarter Sign located in front of it. This will tell you if the quarter is available, and if so, the price. You may purchase any available quarter immediately if you have the gold on hand.

Quarters are customizable. You may purchase or craft a variety of placeable fixture objects to decorate and add functionality to your quarter.

You may share your quarter with others by using the quarter sign to create additional house keys. Anyone with a house key will have access to the quarter and (if applicable) the quarter's storage chest.

Once you have purchased a quarter, you must visit it once every 7 RL days to prevent it from automatically going up for sale.

Message Boards & Criers

Message Boards

Writing Paper can be found in many places throughout the game (usually in containers next to the various Message Boards found around the island, or purchasable through merchants)

To write a message use the Writing Paper in your inventory, and follow the prompts of the dialog box that follows. The first line you can write is short title for your message, maximum 40 characters. If the writing is posted on a message board, this is what people browsing through the posted messages will see. You must speak the title aloud, then click Next in order to record it on the writing. If the title shows up the way you want, you can move on to the main content of the writing. If not, you can select Back to erase that line, and try again.

Once your message is complete, select OK. The Writing Paper will disappear, and a sealed Writing will take its place. The Writing can be used on your character to read it, on another piece of Writing Paper to copy it, or on a Message Board to post it there for all to see.

The author of a posted message has the option to remove it from the board, and the Writing will return to their inventory. Selecting Done at any time will cancel the writing script, and return the blank paper to your inventory.

Town Criers & Messengers

Town Criers (located around the island) can be paid an amount of gold to broadcast a message aloud. To use the town criers, simply speak to them and follow the dialog prompts. Please keep crier messages relevant and tasteful, disruptive or inappropriate broadcasts are not permitted.

The Speedy Messenger Office offers messenger service. The messenger will deliver a short message to one character for a small fee. To use the messengers, you must hire them at a Speedy Messenger Office.

NPCs of Note