“We are all students, from our first breath to our last. Imagine- the darkness which must surround those who have closed their minds!” Thoromind, Retired Archmage

The World of Arelith is a vast and ever changing landscape. The player's handbook is designed as a reference for new and veteran players alike to bring out the most enjoyable experience here.

Every great tale must one day come to an end to make way for new glorious stories. In the spirit of keeping the server and storylines dynamic, Arelith offers an 'Epic Character Retirement Program”.

You may, at your option, permanently retire (vault deletion) any character level 25 or above for a 5% chance of earning a custom skin or unique item for your next character.

To make arrangements for the 5% roll, contact Jjjerm and include your gamespy login, the name of the character you wish to retire and your request.

You may choose a non-standard skin, a custom alteration (such as wings or a tail) or request a unique item to be designed by the DM team. Please outline the concept for your new character in your request, and Jjjerm will get back to you to schedule the roll.

Please note- even if you do not succeed at the roll, the character will be removed from your vault. All requests are subject to approval from Jjjerm and the Dev team.

If you find an error or ommission, please send a forum PM to Jess or e-mail kallisti(at)live.com. Thanks!

NeverWinter Nights Game Resources

Official Bioware Page
The official Bioware NWN page, offers information, technical support forums, ect.

NeverWinter Wiki
Offers information on classes, spells, abilities and basic NeverWinter Nights gameplay. (Note: NWN Wiki does not include Arelith spefic changes.)

NeverWinter Vault
Character Portraits, Overrides, and Downloads. (Overrides are not formally supported by Arelith. You may use custom local content at your own risk. Please be advised that custom headpaks or downloads that add wings or tails are not permitted.)

NeverWinter Nights Character Build Database
Most listings are for level 40 builds, while Arelith limits PC advancement to level 30. Still, a neat resource for ideas.

Role-Playing & Storyline Resources

Foxfire & Afira's Guide to Role-playing
Articles related to role-playing and character types.

A Guide to Archetypal Characters
A listing of several archetypes and the psychology behind them.

Drow and Underdark Resources

Chosen of Eilistraee’s Drow Translator
An online translator for drow to common and common to drow.

House Maerdyn Drow Translator
Another translator page for common to drow and vice versa.

Perilous Gateways
Wizard's guide to Drow.

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Gigaschatten – Designed Original Engine
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Everyone who has contributed time, financial resources and their dedication to keep Arelith growing and thriving.

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