Arelith's uniquely scripted engine expands on the standard NeverWinter Nights game engine to allow players to explore new abilities and levels of an immersive enviornment.

Arelith's Status Window

The status window which appears to the right of the Dialog window provides information such as combat logs, your character's status, RP Rating info, Language Translation and the available Special Abilities which are unique to Arelith. Status, RP Bonus and Weather conditions are updated once per game hour. (Every 6 minutes real time)

Food/Water/Rest system

“Rask baby, sit down. You can go save the world after dinner.”- Simone Giovanni, Former Cordorian Councilwoman

Your character may only go so long without filling basic needs such as eating, drinking and resting. This is measured by the Food/Water/Rest system. Once per game hour, these percentages will drop slightly until you raise them through eating, drinking and resting.

Food and water may be purchased at city merchants, prepared by characters with the Cooking Tradeskill, or found throughout the world. (Such as berry bushes, or clear streams where you can drink)

If you neglect your character's basic needs, ability scores will slowly drop, affecting your ability to perform basic tasks effectivly. Ability scores are restored to normal once you have had food, water or rest to raise the percentages above zero.

The current weather conditions will effect how quickly certain needs drop and while sitting down, all meters will decrease more slowly.

Role Playing Bonus

Arelith uses an RP Bonus system. Every game hour (6 minutes in the real world) you will be rewarded with bonus experience based on your RP Rating scale. The RP rating is a dynamic measure awarded by the DM team in response to their observations of your role play and gamesmanship.

The RP Bonus system also serves to benchmark aptitude to play certian rare or powerful races and classes.

Mark of Destiny

“The brightest of candles burn out the quickest.” - Lady Synesthesia at the funereal of Xinin Drlas

There are some who have, for better or worse, been touched by the hand of fate. The spark of greatness runs in their blood, making them prodigies. These few must capture life and make their mark on history before the gods call them home.

Available at character creation, the Mark of Destiny grants an additional +20 XP reward every game hour. This bonus is added to your regular RP Bonus. A player with an RP rating of 20 and a character with the mark of destiny will receive +40 XP every six minutes.

Any Character with the Mark of Destiny may only pass through the realm of death 10 times before the Gods will claim their soul. Respawning, resurrection spells and scrolls all count towards this tally.

Once the limit has been reached, the Character will go to whatever mysteries lie beyond, never to return. (Vault deletion)

Mark of Despair

“Learn and Live. Those who misorder the proverb study at the feet of Pain.” - Lord Vetinari Patrician of Pax Cordoria

Step carefully through the lands, and let your transgressions be few for the Gods are real and vengeful. Those who lead lives of violence and crime or sink into the excesses of sin may find themselves marked by the Gods.

Some say that the dark Gods see the potential of evil within their souls and seek to induct them quickly into infernal armies, while others claim that it is the Gods of Justice granting a brief grace period for the transgressors to change their evil ways before meeting their final death. In either case, the Mark of Despair is a curse to be feared.

Any Character with the Mark of Despair will be permitted to pass through death only 10 times before their demise is final. The Mark of Despair is given by the DM team at their discretion.

Death and Dying

“It is a dangerous world, and while some heroes rise through the flames to fame and glory others are crushed beneath the weight of evil. Let us pray that Torm's light will reach the fallen and guide them home to be reborn as the phoenix, as their fight is yet unwon.” -Haulfest, High Priest of Torm.

When your character's Hit Points drop to or below zero the character will fall unconscious and your screen will go black. While unconscious, your character loses one Hit Point every few seconds until they either stabilize and start to recover, or until they reach -10 Hit Points and die. A stabilized character will heal at a rate of 1 Hit Point every few seconds until they are back to 1 Hit Point.

On death, your character will receive a small XP penalty and will be transported in spirit form to the misty realms of Death.

When a spirit is trapped within Death's domain, their body is left at the point they fell in the material world. Anyone taking the body will automatically receive any gold the fallen character had on hand. (This may be returned or kept as role-play dictates)

The body may be raised through powerful magics or scrolls, or returned to a temple for help- however, the magical powers of the planar portals cannot support the paradox of the material body and the spirit residing on different planes, if you must return home with a fallen comrade or prisoner, the journey must be made on foot.

If raised, the spirit will return to their body and have no recollection of their time in the Death realm and a short time proceeding the time of their death.

If the body is lost or destroyed by the few and foul whose twisted hearts drive them to mangle the dead, the only way out of the Death Realm is to make a deal with the Soul Reaper. This dark figure has spent uncounted centuries at his grim post. By speaking to him, you will learn how long you must wait before respawning and the experience point cost of doing so.

If you respawn, you will be returned to your respawn point. There are respawn points in most major cities, and they can be selected by activating them. Only one respawn point may be active at one time.