Arelith's uniquely scripted engine expands on the standard NeverWinter Nights game engine to allow players to explore new abilities and levels of an immersive enviornment.

On Arelith, magical energies are channeled through the caster, be it from study, prayer or natural affinity. The three main sources of magic are Divine Energies imbued from a cleric or druid's patron deity, the Weave (a magical ether through which Mystra and other deities energies are filtered) and the Shadow Weave a dark magical force from which Shar's magics are drawn.

In order for magical energies to be drawn, the caster's chosen deity must have presence and power. (See the section on presence and power for more information)

The Arcane Tower, a neutral entity on the isle, seeks to teach not only the theory and practice of magic, but also it's responsible use. Rogue mages who are known to use destructive magics recklessly may find themselves in the unpleasant company of an unhappy Arch-Magus.

The unique balance of good and evil and the mysterious forces which surround the isle have resulted in curious changes to the way magic is drawn and its manifestations. The Arcane Tower continues it's research on how the isle is affected, and have publicly published the following findings:

These bugs are more due to Neverwinter Nights itself, and less Arelith-specific.

Gate: Good - Deva Neutral - Balor Evil – Balor
Dragon Knight: Good - Silver Dragon Neutral - Prismatic Dragon Evil - Red Dragon Palemaster - Dracolich
The duration of this spell has been increased on Arelith.

Summon changes from Summon Creature I-IX for Underdark races.

Other spells can be scribed with the right components. These are certain items that must be in the Scriber's inventory prior to the scribing attempt. They, along with the Blank Scroll will disappear and be replaced with the relevant scroll. Discovering these in character is encouraged, and so components will not be listed.

Spells that require a component to be Scribed:

Spells that cannot be Scribed

Due to bug, (confirmed by Mithreas) All Bigby's spells (Interposing Hand, Forceful Hand, Grasping Hand, Clenched Fist, Crushing Hand) Greater Sanctuary Balagarn's Iron Horn for those with forbidden Enchantment School. You cannot scribe it or use it.

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Grants a +2 to dispel checks per focus (total of +6 with an epic focus).
Epic focus in abjuration allows you to use the -ward command, which appears to function like a Mass Hold Person spell.

Summon spells provide buffed summons when casting Summon Creature (I-IX) and Epic Spell: Dragon Knight.
More Spell Focuses in Conjuration provide greater buffs.
Only creatures summoned with the spells above produced buffed summons, the Planar Binding line of spells is not effected, despite being from the Conjuration school.

For characters with Epic Spell Focus in Divination, typing -scry lets them spy on another character for about a minute. You'll have to cast Clairaudience/Clairvoyance on yourself first.
Select the character by entering the first few characters of their name (or their full name if you prefer).

The enchanting pools offers gold piece discounts to those with Spell Focus: Enchantment. 10% for basic focus, 20% for greater focus and 35% for epic focus. The decrease in price will affect the chance of failure.

There are no changes to Evocation at this time.

Epic Spell Focus: Illusion grants the Send Image ability, allowing the player to send an image of themselves to a target, say something, and vanish. The Send Image Ability works once each IG day and has no XP cost.

Spell focus: Necromancy gives Undead summons (Animate Dead, Create Undead, Create Greater Undead as well as Pale Master and Blackguard feat-spells) a very slight boost to their stats.
Greater spell focus allows the caster to cast twice for two summons, and you can mix and match summons (For example, a Shadow and a Skeleton Warrior).
Epic Spell Focus instantly creates two undead creatures.
Epic Spell: Mummy Dust and Epic Spell: Dragon Knight (for Pale Masters who summon a Dracolich, see below) get the very slight statistics boost, but still summon only one of them.

Epic Spell Focus: Transmutation allows use of the Teleport ability. Typing -teleport brings up a Planar Portal dialogue, allowing the user to teleport to any known Portal for 100xp, once per day.

“Fall to your knees O Blessed Children for the might of the Gods is great. In our service we glorify them, in our negligence we rob their glory.” From The Blessed Paths by Tristyn Morgan – Scribe of Oghma

Far beyond the reach of mortals, the Gods engage in their own dealings, imbueing their faithful with strength and guiding their paths. For every gift, there is a price. Those who call upon the Gods lightly tax their deities power and quickly lose favor. The leaders of the religions must guide their flock to respect and pay tribute so that the delicate balance is preserved.

The faithful may call upon their patrons in times of need, but to do so is not without cost. Through the power of prayer (using the emote *prays*) the patron deity is called upon and may grant blessings.

There are two factors that determine if a deity can and is willing to answer prayers. Before a deity can do anything for its faithful, it must have both power and presence on the island. A deity gains presence when any of its followers sacrifices gold to it on an altar. Without sacrifices and offerings, the deity's presence will slowly fade away to nothing. The greater a deity's presence, the more likely it is to heed prayers.

A deity cannot answer prayers if its following on Arelith is too meagre to allow them domain. A deity's power will increase steadily, as long as it has at least 10% presence.

The higher their presence, the faster it will gain power. A deity loses power when it answers prayers, saves worshipers from death or if its followers call on particularly powerful magic. If the deity doesn't have enough power for any of these things, it cannot make them happen.

Clerical domains and chosen deities need not be exact, but should fit reasonably within your deities portfolio.