The World of Arelith is a vast and ever changing landscape. The player's handbook is designed as a reference for new and veteran players alike to bring out the most enjoyable experience here.

Languages & Special Emotes

To begin using a language, type the language code (such as -dr for Draconic), followed by text. Once you have activated a language, it will remain in effect until you type -- to deactivate it and return to common. Emotes, when enclosed in asterisks (such as *waves* ) will not be converted.

When using a language, your text will be 'translated' in the chat window. Those who speak the language you are using will see the test re-translated into common in the status window. Those with a high Lore ranking also have a chance to receive the re-translated text. Languages are determined by race and class.

-ab Abyssal
Racial language for chaotically aligned tieflings. Class language for CE aligned clerics.

-an Animal language
Racial language for fey, gnolls. Class language for Ranger and Druid.

-ce Celestial
Racial language for aasimar, class language for good aligned clerics.

-dr Draconic
Class language for Red Dragon Disciple, Wizard.

-dw Dwarven
Racial language for dwarves.

-el Elven
Racial language for Elves, Half-Elves

-gn Gnomish
Racial language for Gnomes.

-ha Halfling
Racial language for halflings.

-in Infernal
Racial language for lawfully aligned tieflings, LE aligned clerics.

-si Sign language
Racial language for Drow

-th Thieves cant
Class language for rogues.

-un Undercommon
Racial language for Drow, Druegar, Kobold, Goblin, Orog.

You can review which languages and special abilities are available to you at any time by entering – in the text input bar.

Non-spoken languages, such as Thieves' Cant and Sign Language, have a 25-character limit on how much will be translated back per line (gesture).

Learning New Languages

Phrasebooks for available languages can be found throughout the world of Arelith. By carrying a Phrasebook for the language you wish to learn and interacting with PCs using the corresponding language, your character can learn to understand and speak that language over a substantial period of time (typically 6-9 real-life months for an active learner of average intelligence).

Special Emotes

Some emotes trigger special actions. These emotes are as follows:

The following emotes trigger corrosponding animation/sounds:

*scoffs* *worships* *cheers* *laughs* *threatens* *lies* *reads* *sits* *leaves* *bows* *waves* *trembles* *kneels* *falls* *cleanup* *detects evil* *conjures* *casts* *dances* and *crouches*

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A master of disguise knows that the art of being someone else is more then just putting on a robe and hood- those who are truly skilled can mask their voice, mannerisms and appearance to walk the streets unknown.

Requirements: The disguise skill's effectiveness is determined by the number of ranks in bluff or perform.

System: Activated by typing -disguise.

Disguised characters will be denoted by the tag (Disguised) by their text and emotes in the status window. Those who use *looks* on disguised individual make a spot check vs. the disguised party's bluff or perform. If recognized, the status window will display a message.

Please note- this is OOC information, and is provided only to prevent questions of metagaming.


Those who are deeply in tune with the movements of the weave may gather information through the use of magical energies. The ability to Scry will grant the Diviner the ability to watch the events surrounding one person for approximately a minute.

Requirements: Epic Skill Focus: Divination, Clairvoyance/Clairaudience Spell

System: The Diviner must successfully cast the Clairvoyance/Clairaudience spell on themselves and then type -scry followed the name of the character you wish to watch.


Those who have mastered the arts of Transmutation may remotely access the network of Planar Portals which connect different points in the isle.

Requirements: Epic Spell Focus: Transmutation.

System: Type -teleport to bring up the Planar Portal dialog. This will allow you to port to any known portal once per day. Activating the teleport ability will incur a cost of 100xp.